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BMW Service Center | Niello BMW, Elk Grove, CA

At Niello BMW Elk Grove's Service department

we strive to exceed your expectations and be the Elk Grove area's best BMW Service Center. Whether you require maintenance, warranty repair or inspection service, Niello BMW can handle your BMW service needs. Let us make your BMW service experience as hassle-free as possible and ensure your BMW is fixed right the first time.

Concerned about competitive pricing? See pricing for several common maintenance and repair packages in the BMW Value Service program.

Niello BMW Service Hours

Monday thru Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

*To prevent delays, please try to arrive 30 minutes before store closing for finalizing paperwork and vehicle re-delivery.

Before you come in, be sure to look at our BMW Service Coupons. Save money by finding a coupon that matches your scheduled service. To ensure availability, please show the coupon to your BMW Service Advisor prior to having your service performed.

About our Service Department

Niello BMW's Service Department is located in Elk Grove, near south Sacramento, Stockton, Lodi, and Modesto, and is uniquely qualified to care for your BMW. If you want to feel secure about how your BMW is serviced, bring it in to Niello BMW. We here at Niello are prepared to offer you the highest level of customer service and care. Niello BMW uses only the latest in technology and houses state-of-the-art equipment. With decades of experience you can be assured that our highly skilled BMW service department is ready to serve you. Our factory-trained and ASE certified technicians are qualified to perform any type of BMW repair or service to your vehicle.

BMW Tires and Wheel Alignment

You can find proper tires designed for your BMW in our BMW Tire Center. There's more to a BMW approved tire than meets the eye. The condition of your tires can be the difference between possibly avoiding an accident or not. Learn more by watching this video, or by speaking with a Niello BMW Service Advisor.

BMW Brakes

In most cases, BMW vehicles stop a half, or even a full car length shorter than other vehicles. In emergency stopping situations, this can certainly make a difference in accident avoidance.Learn more about caring for your BMW Brakes by watching this video or by speaking with a Niello BMW Service Advisor.

How Do You Know If Your BMW Needs Service?

Your BMW is intelligent enough to monitor how you drive every day, and through service indicators on your dashboard, it tells you when it needs to be serviced. To check its status at any time, simply go to your iDrive menu.

Should your BMW be involved in an accident or need body repair, please contact our Collision, Paint & Auto Body Repair Center for top notch service and repair of your vehicle.